UKBAA is presenting our flagship Global Investment Summit: Connecting Globally for Investment in Innovation and Growth at the International Business Festival in Liverpool on June 19, 2018. Reflecting on the festival’s spirit of international connectivity, the Global Investment Summit will be showcasing the latest trends and opportunities in the UK and global markets. Providing leadership on creating a connected finance ecosystem for scale-up and growth, the summit will act as the central investment focal point at the IBF. We will welcome major keynote speakers, host fireside chats and hear from esteemed panelists from across the UK and international investment communities. Comprised of an elite audience of 500 delegates from the UK and international markets, the Summit will bring together Investors and industry experts offering opportunities for lively debates, networking and sharing experiences across borders.

ConnectingThe Global Investment Summit offers a platform for developing an internationally connected investment ecosystem. By highlighting innovation trends and introducing key global players, future growth and opportunities for cross-border relationships will be at the forefront.

Sharing: With a carefully curated agenda of keynote speakers and thematic panels, we will showcase successes and challenges in the 2017-18 year and offer the opportunity for lively topical debates.

NetworkingWith delegates and attendees from across the UK and international market, the summit will provide a strong focal point for sharing experiences and insights across borders.

Why Attend

  • Hear about the latest investment developments, success stories and opportunities across the UK and internationally from industry thought leaders and experts
  • Learn about new initiatives underway to support entrepreneurs and innovation
  • Hear lively debates from our esteemed panellist on what the future of innovation looks like and how markets are changing
  • Meet and connect with key players from all parts of the startup and scale-up investment ecosystem – from private investors and VCs to banks and LEPs. 

UKBAA is delighted to be the Investment Partner at the International Business Festival 2018 in Liverpool. We will engage with investors across the Festival, through a series of hosted ongoing programmes including pitching showcases, workshops and our flagship Summit and Awards Dinner and Gala. Throughout the festival we are committed to helping the investment community get the most out of their time spent in Liverpool, ensuring all key events and opportunities are highlighted.

Awards Gala & Dinner

Awards Details

UKBAA Annual Awards Gala & Dinner is open to Investors, Entrepreneurs and Industry Experts celebrating 2017-18 successes in innovation & growth

The Investor Pitch

The Pitch Details

The Investor Pitch is open to businesses at scale up stage seeking investment to continue to grow their business in the UK and international markets and investors seeking to meet and network a curated group of top innovators

Investment Workshops

Workshop Details

UKBAA’s Investment workshops are each thematically targeted to educate audiences of investors, entrepreneurs and women, with each workshop focusing specifically on one audience type

Global Investment Summit

Summit Details

UKBAA’s Flagship Global Investment summit welcomes key players in the UK and International investment landscapes that maintain primary roles in strategic innovation and growth