George Whitehead Cropped

Chairman of the Angel Cofund. Head of Octopus Ventures
George Whitehead is Chairman of the Angel Cofund. The £100million Angel Cofund is one of the most active funds in the country and is focused on investing alongside Angel investors supporting UK businesses. His day job however is at Octopus Investments. Octopus is a Venture Capital investor that backs talented people with the potential to build big businesses. Their focus is on identifying entrepreneurs and fast growth companies that can scale explosively to create, transform or dominate an industry. The Ventures team has a proven track record of helping build exceptional global businesses, including Zoopla Property Group, Secret Escapes, SwiftKey, and Yplan. At Octopus George runs the Venture Partner Group who are made up of around 100 outstanding business leaders, entrepreneurs and private investors who invest on a deal-by-deal basis alongside Octopus’ VCT and EIS funds. To date, the Venture Partners are amongst the most successful private investing groups in the country and have committed over £30million into new businesses. To Octopus and their portfolio companies the Venture Partners are much more than just co-investors and around a quarter of their Venture Partners hold board positions or are actively engaged with the Octopus portfolio companies.