NVM are a long-established investor focused on the UK regions, primarily targeting small management buy-outs and growth investment in businesses that are led by high-quality incumbent management teams.

They own their business and personally invest alongside their funds. That means NVM have a personal stake in the success of the businesses and teams in which they invest.

NVM have a wide range of skills, interests and backgrounds. That means they bring a thorough and rounded approach to the investment process. They live and work in the UK regions, so are entrenched within local business communities.

NVM have worked together as a team for a long time and built up a network of chairmen, non-executives and industry specialists – who recognise the quality of the businesses and teams they back and are keen to share their experience with their portfolio companies.

In summary, NVM have the capital, contacts, expertise and track record to be a supportive partner and engaged investor.

Find out more here: www.nvm.co.uk/

Sponsor of Patient Capital Investment of the Year